Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yoga On The Rock 2012 Upcoming Events, Retreats, Classes

Upcoming Events, Retreats, Courses and Classes 2012

The years 2010 and 2011 were tough years with the last months, weeks and days of 2011 ending with more stress, turmoil and structural uncertainty here on the Rock than I have ever known before in all my lifetime.  Although we have had  a few positive deviations during the festive Christmas Holiday,  as January rolls in we are again faced with the stark reality on this cold winter day that life on the Rock is not what it used to be; and, although some of us may be okay for the moment, there are many who are not, with no job, overdue mortgage payments and worse still rent!!, health issues and childcare responsibilities that they can ill afford!!   Quite frankly, they need our help in whatever way we can give it. So, as we move into 2012 I invite you to drop the mask ( New Year's Eve is over!!) and journey into a sober 2012. There is much to be done to support (emotionally and physically)  those in need of our help.

Notwithstanding, it is so difficult to reach out to others when our own house is on shaky ground, when we ourselves are struggling to survive. Yet we are called, as Richard Rohr would say, in the book Falling Upward,  to pay attention to the story within the story.  Hence our journey is not just about doing whatever  feels good; but, how will it serve us, and how can that service be transformed into something that will benefit our loved one, our friend, neighbour and  the world at large?

Hence I invite you to join in our classes for 2012 with the interest and/or intent to open yourself up to continued grow and transformation.  I promise to do the same, through my teaching, through my continued training scheduled for this year and also through my commitment to serve you better than ever before. It is my wish that together, through the tools offered in Yoga On The Rock programs and classes, we can step out, during this 2012 season, to do great work to make the world a better place for all.

Here is what we have to offer thus far this year:

The 30-Day Challenge - Students are invited to join  the 30-Day challenge during the months of January and February and pay a discounted rate for classes - $10 per class, for those who commit to 15 classes, during this period or more.  Please check out The Yoga Centre community facebook page for a schedule of all The Centre's classes included in the 30-Day challenge or email me for the schedule. Classes commence January 4th.

Retreat Sunday  - January 15th - Title - Who Am I?
This retreat is an all day Sunday event, scheduled for January 15th commencing at 9:30am until 4:30pm.  It  and will focus on an exploration of the self from self to Self  and will concentrate on  Personality Types, Chakra Yoga, Jnana Yoga  and the question of Who Am I?  This will be an exploratory day to introduce participants to personality types in themselves and those around them, introduce participants to the chakras and how to balance themselves, through the practice of Chakra Yoga, with a final focus on Jnana Yoga, meditation and the True Self.  Meant to be both inspirational and fun. Cost for day - $125.  A light lunch and snacks are included.

Deepening Your Meditation - 8-Week Course
This 8-Week course commences on Thursday, January 12th and runs every Thursday thereafter until completion.  This is a basic meditation course for those new to meditation and/or those wanting support and encouragement to develop a regular practice.  It is a comprehensive course where students learn about meditation theory and background as well as apply practical application each week during class with a formal 1/2 hour sitting.  Students receive 15 Yoga Alliance recognized community education credit hours ( 15 CE hours) and a certificate, at the completion of this course. Call or email to register. Course cost is $150.  Please note Deepening Your Meditation II course, commences in March 2012. 

Wellness Over 50 - 8-Week Course
This 8-week course is a comprehensive course that combines hatha yoga, meditation, diet, job stress, relationships and purposeful living in this inspiring program to help those wanting a fresh start, learn to approach the second stage of our lives with vigor,greater appreciation and meaningful direction.  This course is a combination of both practical application as well as discussion and yoga philosophical teaching.  Students come away with a good understanding on the integral teachings of yoga, yoga lifestyle and how yoga works to maintain health and well being. Course cost is $150.  Call or email to register.

 Yoga Teachers Training
Interested in Yoga Teachers Training?  Please note that teachers training will commence again this year
( dates to be confirmed) during this first quarter.  If you are interested please call or email  for more details.

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