Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So happy to hear about the raved-up discussions on health care.  It's good to hear that finally folks are waking up to the concern about health care in Bermuda.

I am particularly interested in the serendipitous realization by those in "power",  that getting older is just a number ( in many regards) and therefore older citizens can stay healthy and lead a productive life, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and be engaged in meaningful work (not just nettle point!) until the day they expire!!  So hats off to the Minister of Health who is coming around to the idea that those who lead a healthy lifestyle deserve a break in health care.  See more on this on my new website soon to be launched called Ounce, which will focus solely on preventive health care.

In the meantime there is always yoga!!  See new upcoming courses and programs coming up in January 2012.

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