Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Welcome 2014!!!

Enter and take your rightful place and rest awhile.  I am happy to see, smell  and feel you energizing presence!   A New Year is here, and once again PROMISE and HOPE are standing tall as all things begin anew and invite opportunity to refresh, re-frame and refine what was and what will never be quite the same ever again.  2013, as 2012, 11 and 10, was a year of great hardship, pain and challenge and although mine may have been  minimal to many, I speak of a heartfelt sense of forlorn that has hung over us for many years now, like the heavy, salty humidity of our island summer days. It has weighed us down, stifled our pep, chipped away at our dreams and clouded our direction toward True North.  I have seen this in my clients, observed it in the bodies of my yoga students, I have witnessed this in my children, friends and family members and I have observed this in the faces of many a passerby in the street. More directly, I have felt this in my bones, in my jaw and in my teeth.

Now you are here.  Dressed in simple, unassuming attire.  You speak softly, and sweetly like someone who has tasted pain, someone who knows and who really, really cares, because you know.  Welcome, welcome, 2014!  We are glad to have you.  May we treat you well and honour this time with you while you grace us with your presence.  In this Now moment, you are our best chance yet!!!!

Peace and Blessings,


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