Thursday, September 2, 2010

Upcoming Courses/ Programs for Fall

The summer season is almost over, as the earth cools down for us and the welcoming and gentle fall breezes begin to blow. As nature has it we are probably preparing to hurry back from summer vacation to begin work on the Rock again in earnest. Here are some courses that might peak your interest to get you started back in the mood and perhaps,keep the stress at bay and a joie de vivre for the season ahead. All Yoga On The Rock courses held at The Yoga Centre, Victoria Street.

Wellness Over 50 - Body, Mind & Spirit - This 8 week yoga and wellness course will take you through 8 weeks of yoga, meditation, healthy eating, spiritually and connectedness both with those around you, and the good earth. The aim of the course is to utilize group support and encouragement to motivate your back- to -wellness regime. A weekly report card to chart successes and monitor habits that continue to hold us back and prevent "wellbeing" living, and group discussions, are an integral part of this course. The goal is for improvement toward healthier lifestyle choices and an overall greater sense of wellness and "purpose" focus - body, mind and spirit. Life, at any age, put in particular over 50, is truly worth living, to the fullest!! Commencing Saturday, September 25, 11:30-1pm.

Deepening Your Meditation Course - Commences Thursday, September 23 7:30-9:30pm . A comprehensive meditation course for those wanting a thorough introduction into meditation - theory and practice. This course looks at several meditation traditions and provides a basic template for practice, while introducing students to effective tools to help strengthen and deepen meditation. Good for all new beginners as well as seasoned meditators who need a boost to get serious and regular with their practice.

Deepening Your Meditation II Course - Part 1 - Friday September 24, 7-9:30pm. Exploring the analytical mind, this course will raise awareness about the intricate nature of the mind and encourage a clearer understanding of the obstacles that impede effective meditation and contemplative living. Discernment in the Christian tradition, Jnana Yoga in the yogic tradition and shenpa and tonglen in the Buddhist tradition are some of the methods introduced and explored, so that we more clearly come to understand where the mind goes and what we can do to get it back to balance. The course is a 4-part program, other Friday dates to be determined by student/teacher schedules with a 2 month window for course completion. Prerequisite -Deepening Your Meditation course - basic.

Workplace Wellness – Friday October 1st, 9am-4:30pm.
Interested in wellness at work? Managing stress in the workplace, in particular working effectively with others, and learning to manage workplace conflict; keeping the body healthy through desk yoga techniques as well as yoga practice in daily life to help eliminate stress and improve health and wellness that cuts down on workplace fatigue, are just some of the tools learned in this most informative workplace wellness program. Also techniques for learning to focus – work more effectively with right and left brain workplace demands - and other simple meditation techniques; including healthy eating and wellness coaching focusing on personal needs assessments, will as well be incorporated in this course. Open to all, however specific workshops, tailored for specialized groups, are available on demand.

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